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2017 And Ho’Oponopono Goodness

I want to talk about all that is good in the world, as we are in the new year of 2017 I want to share with you a new tool that I’ve been using for myself and my business for personal transformation. It is called Ho’oponopono which is an ancient Hawaiian release technique as taught by Dr. Hew Len which teaches you the simple four phrase, I am sorry, I love you, ¬†Please forgive me, Thank you

They are the phrases that build a working relationship with your subconscious or your emotional part of yourself and it teaches you how to let go of problems which are memories replaying in the subconscious. According to Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len all problems experienced are simply memories replaying in the subconscious and only god can resolve these problems which is done through release and God rectifies the problem.

I am humbled each day as I practice and the effects keep getting deeper and deeper. And the miracles begin to happen.