Learning to Selling a product, Entry into MLM?


In business, there are many different ways and technique to get a product out to the public. You can go door to door peddling your products onto unsuspecting neighborhoods. I remember as a kid my parents buying our encyclopedia set from a door-to-door sales clerk. As well as our fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide detecting system, and a vacuum. All from a man walking up and down our towns street selling these items. It seems, though, that the door-to-door sales clerk is outdated I believe. Another option is you can sell online. Which is great alternative then selling door to door. Each of these are examples of direct selling. Alternately you can implement a marketing model called multi-level marketing.

What is multilevel marketing you ask? Sounds strange, confusing, and exotic. Nevertheless, really it is a marketing tragedy that I think many people are already aware of and just do not know what it is called. Multilevel marketing is a marketing through a network of people. The bigger you network the bigger the payout.

For example I have an online business, that sells a product I will call Q, and I need my product or products to be sold. Therefore, I enlist my little brother and his two best friends to sell for me as distributors. With an initial startup fee of fifty dollars, I will have a website with a store created for them. Ready to take any type of transaction. All they will have to do get people to by Q from the website. Every time they sell one Q I will get five percent and for anyone that he recruits and so on and so forth. Now my little brother is perceptive. He tells his best friends that he will get our nephews to help sell with them. My nephews pay fifty dollar each and I create their websites, the same stipulation applies but my brother also gets a portion of their sales because he recruited them. This continues for every person that does and will fall under my umbrella.

After some time if everything goes right, I will start to gander residual income. That income a person receives that he or she did not work for. This can go on for however long. There no cap or restriction on how many people can be under your umbrella. You will want a lot. The more people you have under you the more money will make.

By allowing others to distribute you product, you not only free up your time to create more product. Now that you no longer have to concern yourself with selling the item or items. You have to potential of earning a great income with minimal work. And you can begin to leverage the power of the internet like a special niche blog.


This is a very simple and profitable marketing method. That has work for many companies that are household names. Such as Avon or Tupperware to name a few. Because this works especially well for businesses selling a product, it is an ideal choice for me and my business selling Q. Since I am depending s much on my sales team to get my product sold I have to really encouraging and offer a few incentives. Every few months I give away a prize to my highest seller. Last month we had three top sellers so each received a tablet.


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