2017 And Ho’Oponopono Goodness

I want to talk about all that is good in the world, as we are in the new year of 2017 I want to share with you a new tool that I’ve been using for myself and my business for personal transformation. It is called Ho’oponopono which is an ancient Hawaiian release technique as taught by Dr. Hew Len which teaches you the simple four phrase, I am sorry, I love you,  Please forgive me, Thank you

They are the phrases that build a working relationship with your subconscious or your emotional part of yourself and it teaches you how to let go of problems which are memories replaying in the subconscious. According to Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len all problems experienced are simply memories replaying in the subconscious and only god can resolve these problems which is done through release and God rectifies the problem.

I am humbled each day as I practice and the effects keep getting deeper and deeper. And the miracles begin to happen.


Easy tips on recruiting for multilevel market


Working in a multilevel market can be a wonderful and lucrative career and lifestyle move. Allowing a person to build residual income and a brand. Many people join a multilevel market without any prior business or sales experience or knowledge. Although this may be a challenge, it is not a stopping block. If fact some of the best multilevel market business owners do not have a business or sales background. Just good folks trying to make a better life for themselves and their family. Yes the product or services for sale are important so is the recruitment of new associates. It is in this recruitment process that the residual income is built. Listed are a few tips that will help anyone, from any background succeed in this type of business.


Be tenacious. Always exude confidence and self-assurance. It does not matter if a person is a seasoned veteran or fresh as a newborn baby, always keep the upper hand in dealing with new recruits. One should believe that he or she is an expert and a success. How a person present himself is very important. Many people when trying to recruit new agents or associates bend over backwards to please them. This is not as good precedent to establish. The recruitment process should be like any other job interview. With the objective to find the best possible candidate or the one with the most potential. Many multilevel markets encourage people to recruitment as many people as a person can. Choosing quantity over quality. However, in actuality it should be the other way around. When searching for new recruits qualify each one. Then do a follow up. Conducting the recruitment in this manner allows the multilevel market to have the best prospects. Not a person who will quit or flake out on the business owner.


Be personable. When prospecting for new recruits develop a dialogue. A person should try to avoid displaying a stuffy, arrogant, somber, or boring personality. At first. Making a great first impression can go a long way for a person. It maybe that another opportunity to impress someone will not arrive, so all one may have is a first impression. When speaking to a possible new recruit be it in person, over the phone, or in an email, try to sound warm, friendly, and confident. All of this trait will attract more people, which increase the chances of gaining that new recruit.

There is a lot to learn from young lady called Michelle Bishop from AdvoCare, she does an incredible job at marketing herself as one of the fastest rising star in the company her growth in revenue in few years time rivals the most elite people out there. She’s amazing and this site did a fantastic review about why she is successful, check it out here.

There are many ways to break the ice with someone a person does not know. Learn these techniques and practice them. In the mirror and with friends and family. Therefore, when a possible new recruiting opportunity presents itself, these icebreakers will seem natural and not something, which was previously rehearsed. Giving the other person the feeling of genuine interest.

Although the recruitment can be the most trying part of the multilevel market process, it does not have to be. If a person takes, care to display and present themselves in a favorable light. Full of confidence, warmth, and kindness.


Choosing the correct multilevel marketing opportunity


There are some many different opportunities in multilevel or networking marketing. Some good, some bad, and some in between. In order for you to make the best decision on which one is best for you, here are a couple things to look for and ask yourself when making this choice. Some are common sense and some you may not have thought of. However, all are necessary in making a inform decision. Consider each of these topics, understand the product and service offered, marketing strategy, know type of management team and support locally, and how are you will be compensate .


Whatever this product or services they are offering is something that you will use or own. Your ability to convince people to purchase from you it is necessary that you trust and believe in what you are selling. If you come across as fake or not passionate, about what you are hustling your sale may leave before you are able to complete your pitch. This is resolve will also aid in keeping you steadfast when the “tough gets going”. In every salespersons’ life, they will experience rejections, you must be able to set aside any hurt feelings you may have and keep moving. YOU might experience a hundred no’s before you get that yes. For the person that truly believes in his or her products they will forge ahead. Knowing what they are offering is great.


In the MLM game, you will be marketing both online and in person. Many MLM will offer you a website when you start selling for them. Usually it is exactly like the company’s website. Go online and check that out. If it is something that is easy to navigate, well put together, or does it look like something an amateur did? If their website is not professional looking and it not something, you would do for yourself then maybe it is not for you. When marketing online the website is key, your presence must be felt in the cyber world.


The management team is key in any business. The direct growth and sustainably. Knowing who they are and their background. If a company is poorly manage then it will certainly not be successful. Know these people and their record of accomplishment. If they have a history of backing out of deals, not keeping promises, and cutting corners then that opportunity may not be the best for you. Research other business that they deal with. Check out their reputation. Be informed. If they are willing to cheat the customers, retailers, and manufactures, then they will probably cheat you too.

Do not forget to check out the local support team, those people that you will be dealing with on a regular basis. Ask if they offer meetings, luncheons, conferences call something where you can reach out and receive help. For those who are doing this type of opportunity for the first time this type of support is beneficial. To have someone or some people that can help assist you and navigate you through the difficulties, the ends and outs, of multilevel marketing.


The company compensation plan should clear and transparent for you. More likely than not you decide to join a MLM group because of its earning potential. Knowing how you earn money and how you are paid is necessary. By knowing and understanding compensation, you can create you game plan. When you going to sell, how much, how. You will be better able to execute a successful business. If a company does not want to divulge this information or it is confusing and with a lot of loop holes (favoring the company) then you may want to consider another route.

There are many opportunities available to you out there. If you are probably prepared and armed then you will find one that is just right for you. Always consider these four factors, product and service, marketing strategies, management, and compensation. Any business that satisfy all four is a great opportunity for everyone, but especially for you. Stay tuned for more greatness.


Learning to Selling a product, Entry into MLM?


In business, there are many different ways and technique to get a product out to the public. You can go door to door peddling your products onto unsuspecting neighborhoods. I remember as a kid my parents buying our encyclopedia set from a door-to-door sales clerk. As well as our fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide detecting system, and a vacuum. All from a man walking up and down our towns street selling these items. It seems, though, that the door-to-door sales clerk is outdated I believe. Another option is you can sell online. Which is great alternative then selling door to door. Each of these are examples of direct selling. Alternately you can implement a marketing model called multi-level marketing.

What is multilevel marketing you ask? Sounds strange, confusing, and exotic. Nevertheless, really it is a marketing tragedy that I think many people are already aware of and just do not know what it is called. Multilevel marketing is a marketing through a network of people. The bigger you network the bigger the payout.

For example I have an online business, that sells a product I will call Q, and I need my product or products to be sold. Therefore, I enlist my little brother and his two best friends to sell for me as distributors. With an initial startup fee of fifty dollars, I will have a website with a store created for them. Ready to take any type of transaction. All they will have to do get people to by Q from the website. Every time they sell one Q I will get five percent and for anyone that he recruits and so on and so forth. Now my little brother is perceptive. He tells his best friends that he will get our nephews to help sell with them. My nephews pay fifty dollar each and I create their websites, the same stipulation applies but my brother also gets a portion of their sales because he recruited them. This continues for every person that does and will fall under my umbrella.

After some time if everything goes right, I will start to gander residual income. That income a person receives that he or she did not work for. This can go on for however long. There no cap or restriction on how many people can be under your umbrella. You will want a lot. The more people you have under you the more money will make.

By allowing others to distribute you product, you not only free up your time to create more product. Now that you no longer have to concern yourself with selling the item or items. You have to potential of earning a great income with minimal work. And you can begin to leverage the power of the internet like a special niche blog.


This is a very simple and profitable marketing method. That has work for many companies that are household names. Such as Avon or Tupperware to name a few. Because this works especially well for businesses selling a product, it is an ideal choice for me and my business selling Q. Since I am depending s much on my sales team to get my product sold I have to really encouraging and offer a few incentives. Every few months I give away a prize to my highest seller. Last month we had three top sellers so each received a tablet.


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